Betta fish care

3 Hints for Bringing Home A Happy, Fit Betta Fish

Betta fish care
Given that you are reading this article, it's probably safe to assume you're giving thought to acquiring your own Betta. Which is great to hear, because even though every year increasingly more pet enthusiasts get turned to this fun pet care, there's always space for more of us. Keeping and raising your own Betta fish is extremely rewarding, as long as you begin with accurate advice and information! During the following few paragraphs, I will walk you through 3 extremely important tips for choosing a fit Betta from the get-go, ensuring that your first Betta raising experience is a positive one!

Step 1) Choosing A Fish

Betta fish care
This step has always been one that is overlooked by new Betta fish owners, not that they don't select a betta fish (they obviously do that!) but that they fail to know what to look for when choosing. Since you, akin to many first timers, will more than likely be choosing your Betta fish from a large pet store as opposed to a specialized breeder, you will have to do a modest amount of additional inspection work to make sure you get a hold of a good fish. Your first sight of your new friend will probably be of him crammed into one of a few tiny artificial containers with a Betta just barely fitting into each of them on a shelf. Your responsibility now is to not only pick out a fish that suits your tastes visually (fin/body coloration, fin type, etc.), but one that is in addition healthy and affliction free.

One of the most frequent kinds of conditions you'll come across in fish stores is fin rot, so the very first thing you should look for is tattered or damaged looking fins. Next, be sure that the betta's eyes aren't cloudy, as they should be see-through and seem alert and active. Speaking of awareness, the third test you'll want to perform is to pick up the container of a prospective winner and observe what he does, if a fish is well and alert it should stir around at least a little in response. When you find the perfect blend of fit, alert, and, beautiful you have found your new pet!

Step 2) How to have A Non-stressful Trip Home

When you go to take your fish home you will more than likely be presented with a clear plastic bag, ask for a tinted one if you can because the less light/colors your betta fish has to deal with, the less nerve-racking a ride or walk home is going to be. One more thing to take into consideration is that you actually do not want very much air in the sack you're transporting your fish in. While Bettas are able to breathe surface air like we do, they also have normal gills and can utilize the disolved oxygen in water with no trouble at all. Also, a bag with a lot of air in it permits for water sloshing and movement, which is extremely stressful for a Betta that is already being taken from its old home and placed in a whole new one.

Step 3) Make Sure Your Tank is READY

This is one of the only places that Caring for betta fish gets complex in the beginning: proper tank setup. This is largely due to a method referred to by aquarium owners as 'cycling'. Fundamentally all cycling does is it uses bacteria to produce a natural ecosystem, safe for your Betta fish, before you actually add any fish to the tank. When done correctly, cycling makes sure that by the time you add betta fish to your tank, all of your chemical balance issues will be a non-issue.

For more about cycling a tank and general betta fish care tips and walkthroughs, take a look at
Published February 12th, 2012

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